Shrija Solar Glass Shield Pvt. Ltd.



Solar Glass Shield is a Nano Technology based Super-hydrophobic solution with particle size of 100-150 nm. This solution after application on the solar panel glass, forms a Nano layer (invisible to the naked eye) which protects the solar panel glass from being susceptible to any / all kinds of bonding and impurity which settles on the surface of the Solar Panel Glass.

This Indigenously developed solution proven as effective on the surface of the solar panel glass for span of 24 to 36 months after application.

Solutions is Chemically neutral and does not have any effect on the glass surface, Aluminum frame or the sealant of the solar glass panel and is specially formulated for the Solar Plants which are commissioned in India.

Super Hydrophobic” – The quality to Repel Or Fail to Mix with Water
“Super Hydrophobic Effect” is also known as “Lotus Effect