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Robotic Cleaning

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robotic cleaning

When we talk of about cleaning multi-mega-watt solar plants, immediate thing that comes to our mind is 1) how big man-force will be required to clean the plant? From where do we arrange them? (as normally solar parks are away from cities) 3) Safety of solar panels 4) Safety of Labours 5) In what time will the plant be cleaned & how many labours will I need to do that?

Clean in 3 hour

Saurmatic can clean 1 MW solar plant is 3 Hours time. Minimum 1 – Maximum 3 people are required to operate 1 Saurmatic.

Minimum & Maximum

Cleans 1 panel in minimum 3 seconds and maximum 6 seconds (as the speed of cleaning is manageable).

Easy to move

Easy to maneuver as it is portable and can be moved from one string to another once used

Require Water

Requires minimum water per panel (1 litre per panel).

“SAURMATIC” Robotic Cleaning Video

This company is engaged in selling Cleaning and Application solutions / products to solar plant Owners and Operations & Maintenance companies. Our Cleaning solutions aims at keeping solar panel glass as clean as new ones and our “Nano Technology” based Super Hydro-Phobic Solution keeps solar panel glass Anti – Dust proof for as long as 3-5 years.

L/R operating system

Robot can travel both directions, either left or right.

Gap Management

Can overcome gaps of up to 9-10 Centimetres between each panel

Cleaning Time

Can clean 1 Panel of size 1 x 2 Meter in 3 seconds (i.e. 1 MW in approx. 3 Hours)

Manpower required

1 Person for 1 metre and 2 metre robot and 2 Persons for 3 metre and 4 metre robot