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This company is engaged in selling Cleaning and Application solutions / products to solar plant Owners and Operations & Maintenance companies. Our Cleaning solutions aims at keeping solar panel glass as clean as new ones and our “Nano Technology” based Super Hydro-Phobic Solution keeps solar panel glass Anti – Dust proof for as long as 3-5 years.

L/R operating system

Robot can travel both directions, either left or right.

Gap Management

Can overcome gaps of up to 9-10 Centimetres between each panel

Cleaning Time

Can clean 1 Panel of size 1 x 2 Meter in 3 seconds (i.e. 1 MW in approx. 3 Hours)

Manpower required

1 Person for 1 metre and 2 metre robot and 2 Persons for 3 metre and 4 metre robot

robotic cleaning “SAURMATIC”

Cleans 1 panel in minimum 3 seconds and maximum 6 seconds (as the speed of cleaning is manageable) Easy to maneuver as it is portable and can be moved from one string to another once used.

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