Shrija Solar Glass Shield Pvt. Ltd.

Shield is a very powerful super-hydrophobic coatings which are used in ultra-dry surface applications. The coating causes an almost imperceptibly thin layer of air to form on top of a surface. Super-hydrophobic coatings are also found in nature; they appear on plant leaves, such as the Lotus leaf, and some insect wings. The coating can be sprayed onto objects to make them waterproof. Application of this coating is very simple easy to use.

Glass & Ceramic
Shield (Super-Hydrophobic Solutions) can be used on items such as Glass Facades, Glass Showers Cubical’s, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Sanitaryware, Basins, Bath Tubs, Crockery, Decorative & Gift items etc. Once coated, water will form droplets and roll-off the glass or ceramic surface and will not spread out into a uniform film. Due to Water repellent (hydrophobic) and Dust repellent quality your glass and ceramic items stay new looking and clean for years.

Fabric & Textile
Shield (Super-Hydrophobic Solutions) coating protects Fabric, Leather, Canvas and Textile surfaces from water, dirt, contaminant and stains. The coating is totally invisible and does not affect a fabric’s appearance, its ability to breath, its colour or feel.

Electricals, Circuits and Grids
Shield (Super-Hydrophobic Solutions) also protects metal, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and equipment from all forms of water (vapors, humidity, condensation, water, splashes, fog, rain, chlorinated water, flooding, burst water pipes, saltwater, etc.)