Shrija Solar Glass Shield Pvt. Ltd.


Shrija Group was formed by like-minded people in 2015 with its first company named “Shrija International”. Vision of the company was to introduce innovative products in the Indian Market which would help Indian businesses gain competitive edge on their competition (both Locally and Internationally).

Shrija Group’s first product “Solar Glass Shield” was introduced to Indian market keeping in mind the Solar Energy sector growth expected in India in years to come. Solar Glass Shield is indigenously developed Nano-Technology based Super-Hydrophobic solution specially made to keep multi megawatt Solar Plant Modules clean and dust free.

Apart from “Solar Glass Shield” we also deal in Cleaning Automation Technology for solar industry. We provide Automatic Portable Robotic cleaning solutions to Multi-Mega Watt projects in India. The Group is also engaged in selling Hydrophobic solutions for various industries like Glass, Ceramic, Textile & Fabric, Electrical, Mechanical etc.



The company is engaged in selling Cleaning and Application solutions / products to solar plant Owners and Operations & Maintenance companies. Our Cleaning solutions aims at keeping solar panel glass as clean as new and our “Nano Technology” based “Super Hydrophobic” Solution keeps solar panel glass Anti – Dust proof for as long as 3-5 years.


The company is engaged in providing Automatic Portable Robotic Solutions to Multi-Mega Watt solar plant owners or / and Operations & Maintenance companies. Company’s aim is to introduce automatic cleaning method to Indian Solar Industry and help all Stakeholders reduce their Operations & Maintenance cost. This robot cleans 1 MW plant in 3 hours.


The Company is engaged in providing restoration and cleaning solutions for Star hotels in India. We specialized in cleaning and Nano coating of Bathroom Shower Glass Cubical, Bath Tubs and Sanitary items. Company is also engaged in selling Superhydrophobic coating for industrial purpose for industries like Fabric and Leathers, Glass & Ceramic, Electrical and Mechanical etc.


Deepak Poche

Deepak Poche

Post Graduate in Industrial Engineering (VJTI – Mumbai) by Profession, has worked in various industries like IT, Logistics / Supply Chain and Telecom in India, US and China before entering the Renewable and Green Energy business.

Sushil Sawant

K S Ravi

Commerce Graduate with 30 years plus rich experience in various activities like Managing Stores, Vendor Development, System Implementation etc. Having worked with various MNCs abroad has finally settled in Chennai with his family.

Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi

MS (Electrical Engineering) from US and spent his early 12 years of his career in Supply Chain Management with various organization in US, Canada & China. His passion towards Renewable and Green Energy made him move to India with aim to make solar energy affordable for everyone.